Language Adventure

Today is the day I decided to write in English. I am at the point of getting over the feeling of embarrassment. Instead of hiding my stupidity, I will post my writings online publicly and ask for corrections.

Language to me is an adventure. I love languages, although I do not think that I am gifted in language at all. I write quite a lot in Vietnamese, my native language.  I love to read and write, to study different languages, and in fact do almost anything related to language, such as hand lettering and blogging.

Why do I study English writing?

I have tried so hard to study English. I can speak English, but not perfectly. I would not say that I am bad in English, but I would say that I need to practice harder. I have just finished my Intensive English class in D.C. This course brought me lots of ideas and helped me realize what I really need to do and focus on. The bottom line is I am full of shame for not being able to write well in the language that I have been studying for the past 10 years. To find my way in English, I have to take the initiative and go with it. I need to take risks, get hurt, seek support, and even judgment.

Besides English, I tried to study many languages. The first was German, but then I realized it is too difficult to study online and via apps by myself. The second was Cantonese. I started to like the language a lot during my first year in the U.S. I was working for a Hong Kong-style dim sum restaurant in San Francisco called Yank Sing. All of the people there were really nice to me. I helped people practice speaking English and I learned Cantonese from them. I was the only Vietnamese member of the staff. I like the sound of Cantonese. It is lots of fun and similar to my native language. The third one was Spanish.

My priority now is to study English. I am focusing on English. I want to get better in English, then I use it to study a second foreign language. So far, English has brought me lots of opportunities and changed my life completely.

If you love English as much as I do, please help me correct my mistakes and join me in this adventure! I would really appreciate that. Thank you.

(My very first English post, T2HM – April 8, 2017)

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